Rutaa Branch Hunting Club Initiative, LLC 

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WE ABIDE BY ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS REGARDING HUNTING METHODS FOR EACH APPROPRIATE SEASON. Please be sure to read and review the North Carolina Wildlife Commission's Before The Hunt Guideline for specific details.

Available Hunting Methods by Dove (small game hunting)

Rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and pistols (no restrictions on caliber and 

barrel length) are legal hunting implements for small game hunting in North 

Carolina. Choice of firearm, caliber or gauge, and action is personal and varies 

depending on species hunted. 

On occasion, we also allow other small game hunting such as squirrel, rabbits, pheasant, and gouse. This varies by season. If you are interested, please notate this on your contact form.


Available Hunting Methods for Whitetail Deer (Eastern NC Season)



Around the second week in September, archery season begins for approximately three (3) weeks for eastern whitetail deer season. 

During this time, every hunter is welcome to bring their own stands or use the ones we have available at various locations. We provide loc on stands as well as climbers. We recommend hunters to bring therma cells as the mosquito population can be rough, especially near swamps or creeks. 

Blackpowder/Muzzle Loaders

Around the first week in October, blackpowder season begins for approximately two (2) weeks for eastern whitetail deer season.

Gun/ Rifle 

Around the middle of October, gun/rifle season begins for eastern whitetail deer. This season ends on January 1.

Available Hunting Methods by Wild Turkey

Shotguns are the only legal firearms used for turkey hunting in North 

Carolina. (Note: muzzle loading shotguns are also legal, but rifles and pistols are 

prohibited). Modern shotgun actions (parts that load and unload the shotgun) vary 

depending on the individual manufacturer and hunter’s personal choice. Shotgun 

actions include the break or hinge (single shot and double barrel), bolt, pump or 

slide, lever, and semi-automatic. The most popular shotgun actions for turkey 

hunting tend to be the pump, break, and semi-automatic. Shotgun exterior finish is 

also a matter of choice but fully camouflaged and dull-matte finishes are popular

for hunting turkeys. Turkeys have very keen eyesight and can quickly pick out anything that is not part of their natural environment. A highly polished firearm can reflect sunlight and potentially spook a turkey in the process. 

Information provided by North Carolina Wildlife Commission's Before the Hunt Catalog