Rutaa Branch Hunting Club Initiative, LLC 

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We provide several options for your lodging needs while you visit Rutaa Branch Hunting Club. 

Here are a few that we offer:

The "Dog" House Clubhouse

Nestled in between a grove of pine, hardwood, and underbrush sits a rustic clubhouse that is surrounded by two large fishing ponds stocked with brim, pike, and other various fish.  The clubhouse, otherwise referred to as "the dog house" in its day was a social gathering place for the original patriarch of the Worley family.

Today, it is used primarily for lodging purposes for groups looking for a place to stay that reminds them of the perfect camping experience (just indoors). 

The clubhouse contains a kitchen (with a working stove, refrigerator, and microwave), a commons area, a dining area, and a three piece restroom (complete with a shower, toilet, and sink). The clubhouse also contains a porch for enjoying the beautiful sounds of the country choirs out on the ponds and a back stoop, perfect for grilling and enjoying a good time with family and friends. The clubhouse also has amenities for heating and cooling and has electricity available, if needed.

Gapway Lodge

Gapway Lodge is available beginning mid October 2014. It is nestled in between two ponds surrounded by hardwoods, pines, and other wild growth. The lodge contains a kitchen a commons area, and six bunk beds. Utilities, including electricity, ac, and heat are also available.

Camp Site

We have also prepared an area at Rutaa Branch Hunting Club specifically for those hunters who want to bring their own campers, tents, pods, etc. to enjoy the great outdoors.

This site contains hookups for electricity and has a wide area for grilling out, picnics, fishing, etc.

Other Options Available

We also have a few other locations that are available on a first come-first serve basis. These options are not always available due to other customer obligations. However, in the event, you have a large group or need modern conveniences, we will provide you with the information about these options when they are available.